Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds at Casino X

Касса Казино Х

The most popular deposit systems are connected to Casino X :

  • WebMoney,
  • YuMoney,
  • QiWi,
  • Visa and Maestro.

ПIn addition to the main systems, there are less well-known, but no less fast-acting: bank transfer, SMS, Qiwi, etc. Everyone can find for themselves the most familiar and convenient method.

If you have any difficulties in the process of replenishing your account, contact technical support – they will give detailed instructions on what manipulations need to be done to achieve a positive result.

Confidential information

Such a trifle as “not reliably specified data during registration” entails the player’s lost time and an additional level of data verification when depositing / withdrawing money. Any information that the player enters about himself is taken quite seriously, it is not distributed to third parties, more than 90% of the company’s employees also do not have access to it, only the financial service.

About systems of replenishment of the gaming account

Here are just some of the systems for replenishing the game account, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Replenishment via SMS is a simple and quick way, designed for those who do not own an electronic card or virtual wallet. When withdrawing funds, the player will have to take care of purchasing a card or wallet, since the money will not be withdrawn to the mobile phone.

Bank card transfer – suitable for those who are familiar with LiqPay, otherwise a transfer via online banking is possible. For more detailed information, contact the financial department or study it yourself in the “Cashier” section.

Payment system W1 – which managed to combine the most “popular” systems, does not take a% of the commission when transferring. The money is credited to the account instantly, and when withdrawing from the X Casino, you must specify in what currency the payment is made.

Payment terminal QiWi – found in all the back streets and shops of the city. When transferring to your gaming account, a commission will be charged from QiWi, as well as when withdrawing,% of the total amount will be withdrawn.

Deposit bonuses

About 1-2 times a month, the “payment system day” passes and in case of replenishment by the system indicated in Casino X, the player will receive additional bonuses.