Online video poker at Casino X

Video poker

Video poker machines are popular in all well-known casinos, and now you can play them online without leaving your home. Video poker in Casino X is based on the rules of the usual five-card poker with the possibility of exchanging cards, but the player is not playing against the dealer, but against the machine. The goal of this game is to collect a winning combination of 5 cards.

Video poker rules

Before the start of the gaming round, the player makes his bet, which cannot be lower than the minimum (50 cents) and higher than the maximum (300 $) for the selected video slot. After that, the machine deals 5 open cards to the player from a deck of 52 cards. The player evaluates his chances and chooses those cards that he wants to keep by pressing the “Hold” button, after which he ends his turn. Then the machine will replace the rest of the cards with new ones, and if the combination in the player’s hands turns out to be winning, he multiplies his bet in accordance with the paytable.

Video poker at Casino X allows the player to take risks and multiply their winnings, or lose everything. Different slot machines offer different games for doubling: you can risk only half the amount, or try to multiply the amount by 4 times with a 25% chance. Most often, the multiplication game looks like this: the machine deals 5 cards, of which only one is open, after which the player from the remaining four must choose the one whose value will be higher than that of the open one. In case of success, the gain is multiplied, but in case of failure, the player loses everything.

Types of video poker games

Video poker machines in Casino X differ from each other in many ways, and each player can choose exactly the type of game that interests him. The main differences are as follows:

  • Game name and visual design;
  • Availability of additional cards, jokers;
  • Availability of a jackpot: in this video poker, part of the players’ money is spent on creating a cumulative jackpot, which can be won by collecting RoyalFlush and making the highest possible bet;
  • Pay tables: they can differ in different machines and greatly affect the chances of winning, therefore you need to carefully study the tables before starting the game.

This variety allows each player to choose the most suitable video poker machine, depending on personal preferences: someone wants to win the jackpot, someone will suit a slot machine with high stakes, and some will want to play their favorite game, which was once played in a real casino.

How to start playing?

To play video poker at Casino X, you first need to register on the site, which takes no more than two minutes. After that you get access to all video poker machines and can play them absolutely free. In order to win real money during the game, you need to replenish your deposit from any payment system. Playing for money is not only profitable, but also exciting, because only in such a game real excitement is born.