Jackpot slots at Casino X

Fans of slots at Casino X probably know that the Jackpot is not just the maximum winnings of a constant value that anyone can get, but a random amount, the size of which depends only on the activity of users online casino. So, Jackpots in slots are of the following types:

Individual Jackpot. It is found in “smart” slots, which fix the number of perfect spins and bets for the player, constantly increasing the cumulative amount.

Classic, cumulative Jackpot. A small% of the bet is deducted from each player who plays slots, thereby forming and increasing the maximum amount.

Fixed Jackpot. Installed by the project administration.

Is there an algorithm for hitting the jackpot at Casino X?


There is no clear program that decides who and when will get the total Jackpot on the Casino X website. But, the probability of getting it becomes higher with each user who is currently placing bets in a particular slot. That is why hunters for large prizes are advised to choose the most popular slot machines and actively place bets in the evening – at the moment when the largest number of users gathers in the virtual casino

There is no personal Jackpot algorithm either – it drops out completely randomly. You can win a small Jackpot almost instantly, or you can place 100 bets and not hit the jackpot. It all depends on your luck and the random number generator!