Online roulette at Casino X

Roulette at Casino X

Curiously, such an ancient game of roulette is still the most played game in all gambling houses and Casino X is no exception. There are several classic varieties and many of their modifications, each of them is interesting and difficult to understand the game in its own way. In some, it is possible to use strategies, in others, more than one system cannot be approached and the game is played for luck. One way or another, roulette at Casino X is available free of charge and you can familiarize yourself with each of its variations.

Best online roulettes


European Roulette is a standard variation with only one Zero sector. The minimum winning in this roulette wheel is 2x, the maximum is 35x. The first one can be obtained in the game of even chances, the last one – when betting on a specific number.

American roulette – the same as European, but with two Zero sectors. The maximum winning in it is 37x, but the chances of getting it are slightly less due to the “00” sector, which also sends all other bets to the casino fund.

French Roulette is no different from European rules, but it has a separate field for bets. Some people find this kind of game most comfortable.

Roulette Multivill is the latest development in online casino software that allows you to play on five wheels simultaneously. The game is played according to the rules of American roulette.

Roulette Multiball is a game with the ability to use three balls in one spin at once. Depending on how many balls you have chosen, the played bet will be multiplied by a coefficient of 1, 2 or 3. The audience is overgrown with another type of game – roulette with a live dealer. In real time, a real dealer accepts bets, gives advice and communicates with each of the players. The broadcast takes place through the camera and is displayed on the player’s monitor. If you want to experience the atmosphere of a real casino, welcome to Casino X with live dealers