Casino X Games

Games with risk and the right to win extra money attracted and will attract strong people. About 10 years ago, it was possible to play roulette or slot machines only in specialized establishments, and today, casino games are available at home, Internet access is enough. The site Casino-X offers a variety of gambling entertainment, ranging from old slot slots to new super modern, colorful games.

To start playing at Casino X, just make a few clicks and fill in 3 fields in the registration form, after which you will be able to access all games for free. If you want to play for real money, you need to enter additional data in your profile and replenish your account in a convenient way. After depositing money into the account, the player will also have access to a unique system of checking any game for non-interference in the gameplay “fairness control”.

Game classification

On the Casino X website, you can play gambling games:

The most played type of games at Casino X is slot machines. Someone prefers retro, classic online slots with a familiar picture for everyone, while other players prefer modern, multi-line and super bonus slot machines.

Roulette lovers will not be left without gambling pleasures, because the most popular varieties are collected in one section. Each of the roulette games needs individual playing conditions, which means that where one strategy works, the other may not work.

In the group of card games, games like poker and blackjack are offered. The game is played against the casino in automatic mode, so each game takes only a couple of minutes. The minimum bet for playing for real money is 1 cent.

Games with a live dealer are also growing in popularity. They happen in real time and are only available for real money. They are a plus not only in live communication and atmosphere, as in a real casino, but also in “real” randomness, which is impossible with an automatic random number generator.

For the convenience of the players, various gambling halls have been implemented: “Minimal”, “Classic” and “VIP”, each of which has a limit on the upper and lower betting limits, and there is also a choice to play games in the casino while in the “Public” or ” Personal hall “.

Benefits and additional features

Casino X online gambling is suitable for both beginners and veterans. The reason is that you can play casino games for free, without having to enter any funds, which is ideal for a beginner who wants to familiarize himself with and learn the key points of a new game. Experienced players will not only be able to play for money, but will also receive many bonuses when replenishing and, if necessary, use the “honesty control” dispelling the myth of interference in the gaming process by online casinos.

The minimum deposit amount for playing in an online casino is 60 rubles, the minimum bet is 1 cent.

Another nice bonus is given when installing the casino software on a PC or other device. This not only makes the games fast and convenient, but also gives an additional 4% of funds to the balance on any deposit!