Blackjack at Casino X

The many-sided game of Blackjack, known under such names as: “Twenty-one”, “Point” and “Ponton” – this card game is a visiting card among many casinos. Online Blackjack at X Casino is no different from playing at a real Las Vegas casino, the same rules and the same principle of winning for the player apply. A small advantage of playing online is that having studied the rules and behavior of the dealer (the person / program that represents the face of the casino against which the game is being played), it is possible to understand under what conditions it is worth stopping and do not draw an additional card, but when it is worth taking risks.

Blackjack rules

Having learned the basics of classic blackjack, it’s very easy to understand the rules of its other variations. Blackjack rules state that: to the player who made the bet, the dealer will deal 2 cards, put the same amount for himself, after which the dealer will reveal his top card. After calculating the number of collected points, the player will have to choose whether to draw 1-2-3 more cards to increase the number of points, or stop, giving the dealer the right to draw cards. In case of exceeding the sum of 21, a loss is automatically assigned and it does not matter who did it, the dealer or the player himself, for this reason it is sometimes worth stopping when drawing cards, having a total of 18-19 points. After both sides have finished drawing cards, a comparison is made, whose sum will exceed the sum of the opponent’s points, but not more than 21, is the winner.

Varieties of the game

It may seem to new players that the game of blackjack in online casinos does not differ from each other, but this is not so. Each of the proposed varieties has a certain percentage of risks, somewhere it is easier to win and get not a significant multiplication, in another variation, a big win, but the percentage of wins is underestimated. The most popular types of blackjack online are: «Caribbean», «Six-deck», «Switch» и «Spanish».

Any registered player can choose to play casino blackjack for free or for real money, after replenishing the game account.