Honesty control at Casino X

Honesty control at Casino X

Each of us thinks about his safety and financial security of money, and when playing in an online casino, the question arises: “Is the casino behaving honestly in relation to my bets – does the winning number change after a perfect bet?” Why is it worth checking the integrity of the honesty control and how it works, and what is it in general?

Honesty control in Casino X is a unique mechanism thanks to which it is possible to bring games to a transparent, safe level. After all, winning combinations are generated before the player makes a bet and are saved in a zip archive, which is available to the player before pressing the “Start” button. It is this technical capability that allows you to play games without worries, relying on your luck and mathematical expectation.

How honesty control works

All Casino X software works on the basis of a random number generator, which determines the results of any game round, before the start of the game process, and encrypts these results by means of md5 data hashing. The essence of honesty control in a casino is as follows:

  • The random number generator generates winning combinations even before pressing the “Play” button and writes them to the archive on the server.;
  • The player downloads the password-protected md5 archive to his computer;
  • After the end of the game round, the player is given a password from the md5 archive for the games he played.;
  • Having unzipped the md5 archive, the player can compare the results of winning combinations with the results obtained during the game.

Thus, the player gets the results even before the start of the game, but he cannot decrypt them without a password – the encryption algorithms are so complex that their calculation can take several years. At the same time, it is impossible to fake such results, because the code is unique and any change to the original string will change the hashed code beyond recognition.

Security statements at Casino X

Each player chooses how often to use the fairness control in the casino: most check the results several times when starting to play in a new casino, but some distrustful players compare the results of each game. Honesty control gives a 100% guarantee that the casino does not cheat you, and everyone can verify this personally, based on the results of their games.